Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Missing the Fellowship

No I did not get eaten by a cow plant (for anyone that has been wondering where I am)!

Gee, I miss this neighborhood. No I have not been slacking off and doing nothing but sleeping this summer.

I have been putting some work into my Prosperity Hills.

I really want to start working on this neighborhood again (alexis and wen's blogs are inspiring me).

Once I finish week 3 in the Hills, I may take up this neighborhood again.

So bye for now!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Fellowship Spokes Girls

Welcome to our household, the Posh Designer Condo. We are the spokes people for the Fellowship. As the Queen would not allow us to move in to the actual neighborhood we moved in to Downtown.
Oh yeah, we should tell you a little bit about ourselves...I'm Bettyand I am Veronica. Every week, we will tell you about the happenings in the Fellowship.Betty: I will meet you all here and tell you about the latest graduates from Sim State University. We will also include which house they graduated from (Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor or Hufflepuff), if they got in the Secret Society *shhh* it's a secret! and what their GPA was.Veronica: Next, I will be over in the wedding nook to gush over the latest weddings! (Don't you love my dress???)Then you will join me here to talk about the latest parties (another great dress!!)Betty: Then we will come to the nursery to talk about the newest members of the Fellowship... and with birth there comes death, which Veronica so kindly assigned me to report on! Veronica: Whatever, anyway then you get to come here for some gossip! My favorite...Betty: That's about it...

Veronica: Yeah...Betty: See you next time in the Fellowship!

Here is a collection of the Queen's downloaded dressers (next updates will have something else)

My favortie is definately the last one! Totally unique and all!

Queenofsimtopia: as I explained in my hills blog, I won't be blogging again til the end of June thanks to exams. I have about half an hour a day to sim, no time for blogging (I am using my sim time today *sob*) Also, I won't do that Cooprider update cuz it is just so long, you'll have to wait till later to find out the details!

Gotta go study for a social exam, do a French project and practice my flute!

Cheers! Lol

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Almost Ready

I have half of the Cooprider post finished! Sorry, it has took me forever to play them (I micro-manage, which is hard with such a huge household). Anyway, it will be a really long update, so start toasting the popcorn! I would finish it now except I have a piano recital at 3:00, I have to finish an essay for tomorrow, and my friend is coming over later to practice some flute duets for my band concert on Wednessday. I am seriously stressing!!! Life just doesn't leave enough time for the sims!

Anway, Cheers! Happy Simming! I hope your weekend has been more relaxing than mine!


Monday, May 29, 2006

I am thinking of adding some new families of my own (the Olsens don't count as they are a Busto replacement). Anyway, will probably add the Larsons and Gieke family. I also created 2 of my own families: The Wilder:

Allison lived out in the "boonies" with her huge family. All her parents cared about was having more kids, only family mattered. Allison had a different view on life, money. She was tired of living in a shack, raising farm animals, and changing diapers. A bright flier offered her a chance to have a new life. Perhaps now Allison will be able to pursue her financial dreams!

The Austuns:

Marcus and Isabelle were absolute opposites. Marcus was a dark-skinned American, his parents were the Mayor and the Captain Hero of their city. Isabelle was the pale immigrant whose parents were also wealthy, though not well liked amongst the powerful people. They were the best looking people at high school, so like expected, they dated. Unfortunately, their plans weren't kept secret because of Isabelle's pregnancy. Both sets of parents were furious and insisted that abortion was a good measure to take. Marcus and Isabelle loved thier unborn child and eloped at the age of 14. Time passed, and money dropped. As they welcomed their second child into the world they realized that a poor house was not far around the corner. A pretty flier stuck under the porch convinced them to move their teen and toddler to the fellowship. Life can change, right?
Here is Emmalee (teenage daughter) and Marcus (father). I wonder what Emmalee is so surprised about!

Here is Isabelle (mom) and Vincent (boy toddler). Isabelle is seriously gorgeous, and Vincent is such a cutie.

So, my playing order is: Yessam, Kirkendall, Cooprider, Shurzenjager, Olsen, Potts, Norwood, Roma, Corocan, Jenkins, Rosada, Proffit, Upton, Larson, Austun, Wilder, Gieke.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Kirkendall: Esmond's Woes

I know I started writing in this blog from second person point of view, but it is kind of boring me. So, like in my other blog, I will be writing in the point of view of one household character for each houses round. First off will be Esmond here because Temperance, Darcy and Jaquan are too young.

So far the only member of this family I will tell the stats about is Esmond, cuz he is the only one old enough (I am only telling stats for adults, elders and teens, you'll find out about the kids when they grow up)

In pic: Esmond is the teen, Temperance the girl, Darcy and Jaquan are the toddlers, and the women in the background is their dead mother.

Esmond: knowledge, lifetime want is to become the chief of staff, Sagittarius, 2,3,9,7,4, turned on by glasses and black hair, turned off by red hair.

Esmond: Hello, my name is Esmond Kirkendall. I suppose this is gonna be a diary like thing of our house so I will talk to you just like you are my diary. Life sucks. That's a pretty pathetic way to start, but it is true! I have to raise three kids, all by myself. First things first, we moved into our shack and I opened a home business. I figured a piano, poker table and some gelatin could rake in some sort of cash.At first, only teens showed up, I got to meet some new people.At first I tried to take care of the kids by myself. Darcy learned how to say my name, though he pronounced it "Esmy". Ahem, anyway!I soon hired a nanny, and guess what she does. Instead of cleaning, she starts to gamble! (notice how in the pic there are two blond gamblers)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (3 blond gamblers in the backgound).Temperance is quite the piano player, and tends to entertain the customers (three different blond gamblers!)(note from the queen: awww, mamma j checks out her husband Sheldon! Back to the story...)I have been having nightmares about mum. You see, back at home we were poor, but happy. Temperance amused herself by amusing us, the toddlers were cared for by mum, and I excelled in school. Mum always would teach me stuff, like how to play chess. I told her my dream of going into the medical career, and first going to college. She promised me it would work, even though we could barely afford it (mom was only a hostess at the local Tony Romas). Mum also confined in me, ever since I was little. She told me about our financial problems, Dad's latest crimes, her fears and such. She told me she could trust in me because I was so mature. She would never tell Tempy because she was just to happy and naive. We were all fairly happy though. And now this! I am almost failing school, the twins know none of their essential skills, we live in a pigsty with a clueless nanny, and we own a gambling business! Thank the lord for Temperance! She is just such a big help, and so happy no matter our situation. I also have reached an important decision. No college for me. Even when Tempy is old enough to take care of the boys, I just couldn't do that too her. So I will suck it up and live it out!!! Even if it kills me!

Sorry for that rant. I just had to get it out. I just miss her so much.The twins grew up nevertheless. First was Darcy...who by some miracle of nature grew up well.Then came Jaquan...he seemed pleased even though he grew up badly. I know this looks lame, but I couldn't help it. One day, I got my report card:

Dear Mr and Mrs Kirkendall,

I am sorry to inform you that your son, Esmond, is performing horribly at school. He seems to have trouble concentrating in class. He appears to be neglected in various social ways, he does not talk to any of the other children. Finally, he never completes his homework. I am very disappointed as he appeared to be a potentially bright student. I feel his mark of a D- indicate his need to put more effort into his schoolwork.


Miss Applebottom

Obviously I can not concentrate! Raising three children, trying to earn money, not to mention keep myself alive is enough to worry about right now without adding school to the baggage! Neglected in social ways!! I have not had time to worry about my relationships with my peers as I try to keep the Repo man from showing up on my doorstep, along with the Social Worker! Of course I don't complete my homework!!!

But seriously, me at a D-??? This finalizes my decision about college. I am just too stupid. It is not too late for the kids though. After I let out my tears, I made a decision. It is time to help this family further their education.I taught...and taught...and taught...and taught some more...Then I caught up with my huge pile of homework! Even if I am stupid I can't risk an F as it will cause the Social worker to come for the kids, which would probably kill me!The studying payed off for Tempy, she got her first A+ on her report card (at the end of the round Temperance was at an A+, Jaquan and Darcy were both at B+ and Esmond was at a C).Afterwards Temperance celebrated with a little bit of dancing to Miles' music.I have actually had time to make friends. I talk on the phone with Miles (even if it is about schoolwork)...and once I invited Ricky over (please ignore our conversation and Ricky's body gestures!!)And, I saw a girl! I have never cared about girls before, but she was really pretty! Miles told me she lives in Fellowship and her name is Lyndsay. Ricky told me her mom is an X-model and her grandmother is a retired singer. Too bad she doesn't know I exist. As if she would like me anyway, I lived in a shack (note from the queen: I don't know who I am going to pair Esmond up with, though I have some plans for Temperance!)After seeing Lyndsay, I realized it was time for a change. I had made quite a bit of money off the business (perks and such). Here's the new house!Yep, I even installed an elevator!(note from the queen: Esmond really is living the big life. He is such a hot shot he walks out to the girls in his PJs and tips them 100$!!!)Now get this, the weirdest thing ever. This is Siba Cooprider, in the hot tub, in a bathing suit, before I remodeled the house.My gosh! Where did the bathing suit go??? She sure isn't shy, and Mrs. Potts sure seems a little bit too intersted in her naked friend!!!!!!!I have more to worry about than an old crazy grandma though,

like how I am going to get rid of my acne, find a girl and realize me dream without college,

not to mention the fact that Temperance is now a teen. And a beautiful one at that!

Temperance Kirkendall (eventually to be Temperance... Oh I almost gave that away didn't I!!!). Family sim, lifetime want is to become a captain hero, gemini, 4,7,8,3,3, turned on by black hair and fitness, turned off by stink. O yeah! I redid her room for her, she asked and I obliged. She has been so much of a help that she did deserve it! Besides hopefully it will convince her to be a good girl and to stay out of the way of guys!

Esmond out!

Funny Pic

Look at Mamma J's hair. She appears to have a small mohawk. Has her hair always been like this?? Why am I just noticing this now????

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