Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Fellowship Spokes Girls

Welcome to our household, the Posh Designer Condo. We are the spokes people for the Fellowship. As the Queen would not allow us to move in to the actual neighborhood we moved in to Downtown.
Oh yeah, we should tell you a little bit about ourselves...I'm Bettyand I am Veronica. Every week, we will tell you about the happenings in the Fellowship.Betty: I will meet you all here and tell you about the latest graduates from Sim State University. We will also include which house they graduated from (Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor or Hufflepuff), if they got in the Secret Society *shhh* it's a secret! and what their GPA was.Veronica: Next, I will be over in the wedding nook to gush over the latest weddings! (Don't you love my dress???)Then you will join me here to talk about the latest parties (another great dress!!)Betty: Then we will come to the nursery to talk about the newest members of the Fellowship... and with birth there comes death, which Veronica so kindly assigned me to report on! Veronica: Whatever, anyway then you get to come here for some gossip! My favorite...Betty: That's about it...

Veronica: Yeah...Betty: See you next time in the Fellowship!

Here is a collection of the Queen's downloaded dressers (next updates will have something else)

My favortie is definately the last one! Totally unique and all!

Queenofsimtopia: as I explained in my hills blog, I won't be blogging again til the end of June thanks to exams. I have about half an hour a day to sim, no time for blogging (I am using my sim time today *sob*) Also, I won't do that Cooprider update cuz it is just so long, you'll have to wait till later to find out the details!

Gotta go study for a social exam, do a French project and practice my flute!

Cheers! Lol

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Almost Ready

I have half of the Cooprider post finished! Sorry, it has took me forever to play them (I micro-manage, which is hard with such a huge household). Anyway, it will be a really long update, so start toasting the popcorn! I would finish it now except I have a piano recital at 3:00, I have to finish an essay for tomorrow, and my friend is coming over later to practice some flute duets for my band concert on Wednessday. I am seriously stressing!!! Life just doesn't leave enough time for the sims!

Anway, Cheers! Happy Simming! I hope your weekend has been more relaxing than mine!


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