Monday, May 29, 2006

I am thinking of adding some new families of my own (the Olsens don't count as they are a Busto replacement). Anyway, will probably add the Larsons and Gieke family. I also created 2 of my own families: The Wilder:

Allison lived out in the "boonies" with her huge family. All her parents cared about was having more kids, only family mattered. Allison had a different view on life, money. She was tired of living in a shack, raising farm animals, and changing diapers. A bright flier offered her a chance to have a new life. Perhaps now Allison will be able to pursue her financial dreams!

The Austuns:

Marcus and Isabelle were absolute opposites. Marcus was a dark-skinned American, his parents were the Mayor and the Captain Hero of their city. Isabelle was the pale immigrant whose parents were also wealthy, though not well liked amongst the powerful people. They were the best looking people at high school, so like expected, they dated. Unfortunately, their plans weren't kept secret because of Isabelle's pregnancy. Both sets of parents were furious and insisted that abortion was a good measure to take. Marcus and Isabelle loved thier unborn child and eloped at the age of 14. Time passed, and money dropped. As they welcomed their second child into the world they realized that a poor house was not far around the corner. A pretty flier stuck under the porch convinced them to move their teen and toddler to the fellowship. Life can change, right?
Here is Emmalee (teenage daughter) and Marcus (father). I wonder what Emmalee is so surprised about!

Here is Isabelle (mom) and Vincent (boy toddler). Isabelle is seriously gorgeous, and Vincent is such a cutie.

So, my playing order is: Yessam, Kirkendall, Cooprider, Shurzenjager, Olsen, Potts, Norwood, Roma, Corocan, Jenkins, Rosada, Proffit, Upton, Larson, Austun, Wilder, Gieke.

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